About Us:


At the opening of The Indoor Shooting Company in 1996, our founders shared 50 years of experience in providing the citizens of Hillsborough County, Florida, with safe, attractive and enjoyable recreational opportunities. We have continued this tradition while becoming the most acclaimed center for handgun education in West Central Florida. We currently have on staff more certified pistol instructors and coaches than all other public gun ranges in the region combined.

Whether you are a civilian with limited to no experience with a handgun, an experienced shooter looking to challenge your skill level through a marksmanship qualification program or one of our monthly challenge contests, or maybe an employee of a public or private security service, we have a training program for you.

Please, help us promote firearm safety through education by recommending that everyone you know who could possibly come into contact with a firearm is knowledgeable and safe. 

Mr. Brown

Security Officer 

"K" Instructor