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Are you looking to get your Florida Concealed Weapons / Firearms License (CWP)?

Here are a few things you should know:
Not all concealed carry classes are built the same. Most instructors will give you the minimum required by the State of Florida. Sadly, this is not enough. We at Indoor Shooting Company do not subscribe to the 2 shots from a .22 into a bucket of sand method of instruction.
Our Concealed Carry Class is designed as private 1:1 instruction. Plus, you will learn how to actually shoot a handgun. Prepare yourself for approximately 2 hours of professional firearm instruction. Undivided attention in an atmosphere where there are no “stupid” questions.
You will receive a Florida State approved Certificate of Completion. This certificate is then provided to the Florida Department of Agriculture. Within a few weeks, you will have your concealed carry license (CWP).
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Concealed Carry FAQ

What is a Concealed Weapons Permit Class?

It is a basic handgun instruction course. The course completion will provide you with the prerequisite certification needed to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapon & Firearms License.


When is the Concealed Weapons Permit Class available?

We offer our classes seven days a week, by appointment. Yes, we even offer weekend classes!


How are the Concealed Weapons Permit classes scheduled?

The classes are scheduled as private to semi-private sessions, duration is approximately 2 hours.


How much does the Concealed Weapons Permit Class cost?

Our private, semi-private class is only $75 per student


What does the Concealed Weapons Permit Class include?

Our concealed weapons permit classes include: range time, safety equipment, targets and course materials. Ammunition purchase is required with the use of any rental gun


Do I need to bring a firearm for the Concealed Weapons Permit Class?

You are welcome to bring your own firearm for the live fire shooting portion of the class. If you do not have access to a firearm for the Concealed Weapons Permit Class, we have firearms available for you to rent. All rental firearms require purchasing our ammunition.


What else do I need to obtain my Concealed Weapon Permit?

The prerequisite certificate that is issued upon completion by Indoor Shooting Company is NOT your permit/license to carry a concealed weapon/firearm. The Florida Concealed Weapon & Firearms License is issued by the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

The license issuing authority is the State of Florida, not The Indoor Shooting Company.


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This is not going to be your ordinary concealed carry class! You will walk away with the confidence and ability to confidently handle a firearm.  The course has been designed to take the levels in order.  LEVEL I is a pre-requiste class, which once completed will provide a certificate that can be used to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License.

Firearm Skill Lessons

Do you want to learn one skill at a time, on a time crunch, or just have that “one thing” you need help with? Our custom training will take your shooting to the next level!  We offer “à-la carte” skill training at Indoor Shooting Company. You can select any of our lessons listed below so you can hone in your skill of choice.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday 9am-9pm

Sunday 9am-7pm

Ready To Book A Firearm Skill Lesson?

Let one of our professional NRA Instructors assess your current skills and design a custom plan to get your shooting to the level you want. Skill Lessons 30 minutes for only $35, including lane fee.