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Do you want to learn one skill at a time, on a time crunch, or just have that “one thing” you need help with? Our custom training will take your shooting to the next level!  We offer “à-la carte” skill training at Indoor Shooting Company. You can select any of our lessons listed below so you can hone in your skill of choice.

How can a 30 minute lesson benefit you?

Our lessons focus all on one skill. Designed to not overwhelm the student with many techniques in one sitting. This method makes it easier for the student to retain, and repeat the skill practiced. Encouraging their growth and improvement as a shooter.  Our 30 minute lessons are only $35, including the range fee.

Basic Level

Gun Safety

Gun safety is a skill that is a must for anyone with access to a firearm because it can be life saving. Do not skip this important aspect of responsible gun ownership.

Master Grip

A master pistol grip is one of the most important fundamental skills. This is because it affects recoil management and your trigger press. Hitting your target in recreational or self-defense situations could be improved with a solid master grip.

Trigger Press

The proper use of a handgun requires good trigger press technique because it will affect all your other skills.  This cornerstone skill can be learned in any of our training programs.

Proper Aiming

Proper aiming is a shooting milestone. You should know how to aim to consistently hit a target, regardless of distance.

Handgun Precision & Accuracy

Handgun precision and accuracy is a key skill that must be mastered. Learn to accurately place shots inside of a 3-4 inch grouping at 10 yards. Mastering this skill increases your survival rate in an armed encounter.

Intermediate Level

Speed & Combat Reloading

Reloading magazines quickly is the next skill that you should learn after you master your basic shooting skills. This is especially important if you have low capacity magazines in your “every day carry” or EDC firearm.

Malfunction Clearing

We all know that if something can go wrong – it will. You should know how to deal with a firearm malfunction and QUICKLY get back in the game. Our instructors will give you fast, easy, and clear algorithms to deal with a variety of possible malfunctions.

Controlled Pairs

If your target requires a hit, then it deserves two hits! We will instruct you on how to do it fast and easy.

Rapid Fire

How quickly can you shoot and still maintain a 3-4 inch shot grouping?  The goal of this skill set moving from fast is smooth to smooth is fast. Our instructors will get you through the sequences and build your speed, accuracy and confidence.

Strong & Weak Hand Shooting

This block of instruction will focus on the ability to operate and fire a handgun while using only one hand. During this training we will instruct you on shooting with both your strong and weak hand, plus how to operate the handgun using only one hand.

Target Transitions

Where there’s one assailant, there may be others. In this block of instruction we will teach you how to successfully address multiple targets. The points focused on include target proximity, available cover and types of threats involved. This course is a must for home protection.

Advanced Level

Holster Draw

Now that you have completed your Concealed Carry Class and soon will have your Florida Concealed Weapons & Firearm License in hand, what’s next?You should consider a holster draw training course. During this block of training you will learn to draw holstered handgun with minimum effort and high efficiency.

Use of Cover

While protecting yourself during a lethal firearm encounter, you should be able to properly use any available cover. Our professional instructors will teach you the proper ways to use cover to your tactical advantage, the right way.

Kneeling & Prone Shooting Positions

Different tactical situations will dictate what shooting stance or position is necessary to succeed. During this course of fire, you learn how to properly aim and shoot from various shooting positions. Positions covered in this course of fire include standing, kneeling and prone.

Movement & Stabilization

Today’s life is fast, and you should be able to move, survive and hit. Our qualified instructors will teach you what you need to know.

Low-Light Shooting

Statistics from the FBI suggest that most firearm encounters occur from dusk till dawn or in confined rooms. Most of them are with minimal to no light available. Be ready to operate in this harsh environment that could be your living room full of intruders.

Intro to USPSA/IDPA Practical Shooting

This is real life shooting sports! You can take part in numerous matches around your location, train, sharpen skills and learn new skills from instructors.

Ready To Book A Firearm Skill Lesson?

Let one of our professional NRA Instructors assess your current skills and design a custom plan to get your shooting to the level you want. Skill Lessons 30 minutes for only $35, including lane fee.

Concealed Carry Class

We offer a private Concealed Weapons Permit Class, by appointment.  Classes are available 7 days a week.  The course completion will provide you with the prerequisite certification needed to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapon & Firearms License.

Locked & Loaded lady

This is not going to be your ordinary concealed carry class! You will walk away with the confidence and ability to confidently handle a firearm.  The course has been designed to take the levels in order.  LEVEL I is a pre-requiste class, which once completed will provide a certificate that can be used to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday 9am-9pm

Sunday 9am-7pm

Ready To Book A Firearm Skill Lesson?

Let one of our professional NRA Instructors assess your current skills and design a custom plan to get your shooting to the level you want. Skill Lessons 30 minutes for only $35, including lane fee.