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Our Range Rules

  1.  All firearms, weapons; and ammunitions are to be checked and approved by INDOOR SHOOTING COMPANY before being used. INDOOR SHOOTING COMPANY reserves the right to reject the use of any firearm/weapon/ammunition on their range for any reason.
  2.  Firearms brought into INDOOR SHOOTING COMPANY must be transported in accordance with state law.
  3.  No concealed weapons are to be worn except by law enforcement officers displaying a badge.
  4.  All shooters are subject to alcohol breath analysis. Anyone demonstrating any evidence of alcohol or drug use WILL NOT be allowed to participate.
  5.  Approved eye and ear protection is required of all persons on the range at all times.
  6.  Shooters are personally responsible for damage to the property of others.
  7.  All food, beverages and tobacco products are prohibited in the range area. (This includes chewing gum.)
  8.  Pregnant women are discouraged from being in the range area.
  9.  No armor piercing, tracer or incendiary ammunition is allowed.
  10.  No shooters are allowed beyond the firing line.
  11.  No more than one person allowed per lane at any time, unless otherwise authorized in advance.
  12.  Only one person may shoot at a time.
  13.  Only one firearm is to be loaded at a time.
  14.  Firearms are to be loaded and unloaded only at the firing line.
  15.  Uncased or unholstered firearms are to be pointed down range at all times, LOADED OR UNLOADED.
  16.  Shooters who have finished firing must make certain the gun is empty and the action is locked open before leaving the firing line. Rental guns are to be returned to the counter in this condition.
  17.  The action of all exposed firearms will be open and the magazine removed at all times except when on the firing line.
  18.  If you have a problem with your firearm, lay it down pointed down range and notify an employee of INDOOR SHOOTING COMPANY.
  19.  Firearms are never to be removed from the firing line or pointed away from downrange unless holstered or cased.
  20.  Only approved targets are permitted.
  21.  Shooters may shoot only from approved positions. (No angle firing.)
  22.  All unsupervised quick draw or firing from a holstered pistol is prohibited.
  23.  Shooters are to be at least 18 years old or accompanied by an adult.
  24.  Shooters are responsible for the trash or brass at and directly behind their firing position.
  25.  Management reserves the right to refuse or cancel shooting privileges to anyone whose behavior or disregard for safety is considered a hazard to others. This decision is at the sole discretion of the management of THE INDOOR SHOOTING COMPANY.
  26.  Shooters are charged for range time recorded by THE INDOOR SHOOTING COMPANY. Minimum charges are 1/2 hour increments.